Jul 11, 2014

An Interview with... Me!

Hello. Who are you?

Oh hi!
I am a wife and mom of 2. I sometimes go by daughter, sister, in-law, cousin, niece, aunt and nag. I am also a 38 year old woman who thinks it's high time to get back to happy and healthy. Maybe even dig deep and find the person I am proud of saying is me again.

(Wow. OK, that escalated quickly!)
So, why did you start this blog?

That's a great question. I don't have a great answer.
To connect with other lost souls?
Oh, wait... It's because I wanted to... no, that's not it either.
I think I just wanted to do... ugh...
Leave my stamp on the interwebs?...
How about I come back to that one.

Alrighty then. Obviously you haven't dug deep enough on that one, so let's just move on.
Can you tell a little about yourself?

Yes. That I can.
I grew up in South Africa until I was 17. Then we moved to Israel. I met my husband on line and then moved to sunny California where I have been married for 15 years and have given birth to two babies. I am currently in the process of bringing my sexy back. (Train wreck fans should stay tuned!). I fail often but I also never give up - a strange mix, but nevertheless, I am no quitter. No sir!
I am also artistic but not artsy-fartsy and I love almost all art from the old masters to crayola coloring books. I have no patience however for artists who drop a wad of blue paint on a beige canvas and call it something stupid like 'Exuberance'. A little effort, man!
I love to cook. I hate to clean. I love to organize and am also super lazy. Bohemian chic speaks to me. Laundry does not. I want more babies and a big family but I can only handle it for short periods of time. I love to dance but know for a fact that I got the moves like Jagger exclusively in my head. (I would love to go dancing in a club that isn't a meat market but am afraid I will end up like Leslie Mann in Knocked Up when she isn't allowed in - crying with snot on my face and sitting on the sidewalk rejected).
I love movies, TV, reading and long walks on the beach. No kidding!
I am also a cheese-ball and goofy at inappropriate moments. I woulda made one heck-of-a diamond digging dwarf if they needed an eighth.
I also ramble on and on. And on.
And on...

Quite right.
So, what will you be writing about here? (if there is anything left to actually add)

Everyday life. My kids. My husband. Things. Stuff.
Bringing my happy back. Oh, and my sexy!
I would love to be described as sex-aay. Not porno bombshell or Vegas stripper sexy. That's not my version of it. For me, sexy means fit, healthy, happy and confident. And I will be trying to keep it as real as I can on my journey there. It may not always go as planned. Things rarely do. But I am stubbornly committed to doing the best I can.

Great. Anything else to add?



Fiiiiiine... Just to get it all out there...
I am also an obese woman working to save my marriage, while at the same time grieving for my mom/best friend who I lost on Mother's Day this year.
I said it all.


I guess so.
I don't like pity parties. There is too much to be grateful for. And I am!
So let's just get this party started, shall we?!...


  1. Sounds like and AWESOME plan! You can do it, keep up the positive attitude!

    1. Thanks for the support Jennifer :) and for taking the time to read :))