Jul 24, 2014

Busy Hands: Salt Art

Hello mess.
How are you?
I haven't missed you. At all. But my kids have... so, let's...

Salt Art!

Every Tuesday and Thursday I try to carve out an hour or so for the kids to get crafty, use their imagination and their hands to create something. Here is what we did on Tuesday...
(this is by no means my own invention but as hard as I looked to find the origin of this idea when I searched for it I couldn't find it. Sorry)

What you need:
 - paper
 - liquid glue
 - pencil (optional)
 - salt
 - watercolors and paintbrushes

What you do:
My son decided to plan ahead a little and used a pencil to draw a design/picture onto the paper. My daughter went with a more laid back resolve and just let the glue fall where is may :)

I opted to put the paper in an old baking sheet because I also opted to not have to sweep up salt off the floor later.
Pour it on. Don't be stingy with it!

Gently pick up the paper and let the salt fall to the pan, or whatever you use.

You'll be left with fuzzy, fat white shapes that you will be so tempted to stick your finger in to. Don't touch! Especially you, princess. As you will soon find out, with tears in your eyes that 'it tastes yucky mama...'   :(
Sorry, bunny!

Now comes the really fun part... painting!
Using a VERY water and paint saturated paintbrush, gently tap the salt. The color will immediately begin to spread. Along with the ooh's and aah's. Now, this wont work if you don't have enough paint and color on the paintbrush. You should literally be able to barely tap down on the fuzzy line and the salt will just grab the color and soak it right in. 

She had a bit of a hard time not applying too much pressure but the effect of the paint spreading fascinated her :) lol

Finished product. He used a bit too much water, but I always look at how much fun was had. Not how well the rules were followed. Especially when it comes to being creative!

It looked even cooler the next day!

Happy Creating!

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