Aug 26, 2014

Busy Hands: Rock Art

Soooo.... this was originally supposed to be Rock Monsters, which would involve the same process but with the added googly eyes at the end.

Mama was a little sad... I really wanted to see some cute rock monsters. Oh well, my little princess still included googly eyes in her play time... mostly scattered all over the living room floor... but I guess I cannot be picky! lol

This was a really fun outdoor activity (of course it is totally suitable for even a rainy day... but why mess the inside of the house when that's what the outside is for?!)

Rock Art!
(and yes, art does rock!)

What you need:
 - ROCKS! any size, any shape... although smoothly textured would be better
 - acrylic paints
 - paint brushes... or fingers!

What you do:

Prep table with paints and brushes and scream at kids not to touch so you can get one good photo before they dig in.

Let the three year old do her thang...

And the 10 year old his...

And even though you scream and lose your shit often... you still get one of these in the end!...

This is an embarrassingly easy craft, but the kids really got a kick out of painting on part of nature and of course the inevitable mess is always fun too! For them!

Happy Creating!

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