Aug 25, 2014


I was trying so hard to come up with some witty or relevant alliteration for Mondays.

Then I realized... it's a Monday. There. It's just there.

I weigh myself every Monday morning and then I try to motivate myself to keep it up for the next week. And no, I didn't want to go with 'Motivational Monday'. Why? Cause everyone uses it and I needed something different. So, in wanting to be so different... I now have... nothing...


That's as good as it gets.

*eye roll*

Anyway, since it IS weigh in day... here it is... in all it's gory glory...

Read it and weep!... I did!
This is a FIVE pound weight gain from last week. You see, it would be sad but I knew it was coming. This was no shock. This was the culmination of poor choice after bad mistake after dumb idea from the week before. I was on a 3 week plateau... no big deal. And I honestly thought I could rise above, but alas I succumbed to some negative thoughts and found myself flushing hard work down the drain...


No good excuses whatsoever! Birthday cake... a BBQ... eating out... not cooking at home... laziness... emotional stress...

Since this is a long ass journey I have decided to take on, I am also deciding to see things in a new light. For example, the old me would have just given up. Flat out. Done. Drop mic. Walk away. Another failure in the notch of a size 22 pant belt. The new me will not back down so easy however! I am taking each moment as a learning experience and deciding that there is a choice I can make. A choice. And I can make it.

And so... this morning I left last week behind. I emotionally uncoupled myself from it and cut any ties with it. I waved it goodbye with my batwings and turned a fat ass to it. This is a new week and I have choices ahead of me. My first order of business this morning was to get into my size 16 shorts and work-the-bleep-out! And I did. Forty five minutes later I had used 8, 10 and 12 pound weights to work my shoulders, arms, butt and legs. I also used my husband for ab leg drops and spent time squeezing my core. I was a hot mess and dripping with sweat, but I also hadn't felt that good in a week!

Add to that a clean breakfast and I am saying adios to negativity and opening the door to happy and healthy choices this week.

Here is my motivation (and apology to me) for this week :) ...

Thanks Pinterest ;)

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How are you staying motivated??

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