Aug 18, 2014

What Happens When Nothing Happens?...

It's been three weeks.

Three whole, long, fruitless weeks.

The scale hasn't budged.

So, now what?

What happens when nothing happens?...

While I realize nobody wants to needs to see a closeup of my sausage-y toes, I felt like a visual was required on this one. Look away if you must :)

I am actually deciding on an opportunity here. An opportunity to choose a different outcome than what I have been used to for many many years. What I mean is this... In the past when I endeavor out on a weight loss journey, any set back, hiccup or even stand still would mean failure to me. My mind would swarm with thoughts of  'Seeeee... told ya... you can't do it!' ... 'Give up now, you won't loose any more weight anyway.' ... 'This is just too difficult and failure is imminent!' ... 'You were meant to live a fat life, so just don't bother!' Those negative thoughts would almost always lead to a binge or a head first plunge into a jar of Nutella. 

Today, though, after three weeks at a standstill I am making a difficult choice for myself... 'Keep on going... DO NOT GIVE UP!... Yes, you can be a success at weight loss!' 
One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my journey so far is to be patient and kind... to myself!
No more trash talking. I am allowed to fall down all I like, as long as I don't stay down. As long as I use my hands, legs, elbows, face.. whatever! to get back up. I won't let a number discourage me. I won't let the thoughts of failure take over my head. I realized I put those thoughts there and I have the power to remove them too.

So... off they go!

I am not sacrificing tasty treats for roasted chicken. Nope. I am choosing healthy fuel for my body, cause that's how I choose me now... healthy! Whaddya know?! And that choice tastes better than all the chocolate spread in the world! ;-)

So, what happened to me when nothing happened?...

Only good things. 'Cause that's what I choose!
More sweat. Cleaner food. Better attitude.

Happy Monday!

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