Sep 10, 2014

Busy Hands: Ice Play

It's been hot.

Reeeally hot man.

The kids have been cranky.

Reeeally super-@*&! cranky.

What's a mother to do?...


What you need:
 - ice
 - a good blender or some other gadget that will shave your ice to snow consistency
 - food coloring

What you do:

Shave ice. Dump in bucket. Add food coloring. Let play. Sit back and enjoy...

This activity started at the table in a big plastic container, it then evolved into a build-your-own-snowball-then-eat-it-or-throw-it-around event.
Whatevs... they were happy, entertained and cooling off.

A simple sensory play idea that they thought was the bee's knees... lol!

I know the boy looks sad, but that's only because I wouldn't let him dump the entire thing in the pool... wah wah...

Happy Creating!

P.S: don't forget to save some of that ice for a margarita :)

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