Sep 11, 2014

Le Chicken Salad

Because I had leftover chicken.

Because my clan is not great about leftover chicken.

Because I cannot bear to throw anything out.

May I present...

Chicken Salad

What you need:
 - chicken (I use leftover grilled chicken, rotisserie... but feel free to make it fresh too!)
 - celery stalks, finely diced
 - red onion, finely diced
 - cashews, roughly chopped
 - low fat mayo
 - paprika
 - garlic salt

What you do:

I realize I have not given any measurements above. The reason is, as I have said in recipes before, this is about what you like and how much you want to put in. Got enough chicken to feed a small army? Make enough for a few days for a family. Only a little? You got lunch for one :)

Put all the ingredients in a large bowl.

Don't be like me. LARGE bowl, so you can actually mix without things escaping!

And then you know what you can do with this?...


Happy Eating!


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